Finish Pour Bucket



Padco BigMouth Finish Pour Bucket Green



• A high capacity, easy-fill finish pour bucket
• Pour finish directly on the surface during application
• High impact, solvent resistant molded plastic
• Shipped in pastel colors

Padco BigMOUTH Finish Pour Buckets are shipped in pastel colors.







30" T-Bar Applicators and Floor Coater Refills



Padco Floor Coaters are now available in 4 different sizes

Think Big with Padco's new 30 inch Floor Coaters


Contractors have written, telephoned and e-mailed Padco to express a need for wider Padco T-Bars and Applicators. Wider Applicators would make large jobs faster, easier with less overlapping strokes. For large jobs bigger is better. Contractors would not need messy sprayers, they would not have to purchase costly machinery, and they would not have to spend time tediously taping and masking before applying finish. They would get professional results quickly with simple cleanup.

Another benefit is that Padco applicators do not atomize the chemicals in the finish to create a hazardous breathing and working environment. And for speed - Padco applicators spread the finish at a rate of OVER 10,000 sq. ft. an hour with a streak and bubble-free finish everytime.

In response to the overwhelming number of requests, Padco now manufactures a full 30" width BigFoot T-Bar, and 30" Heavy and Lightweight Floor Coaters. These accommodate the new 30" with Nylfoam and Woven applicator refills. Padco Floor Coaters can be applied to hardwood, concrete, vinyl, stone and tile surfaces.

Click here for see our full line of Floor Coaters or visit our Gallery Page to see these tools in action.


New Pro Finish Rollers

9 Inch Roller on wood floor




11 inch Roller Tray and a 22 inch Roller Tray


Padco's Woven Pro-Finish roller covers are shed resistant and perfect for use with solvent and water based coatings, including new formulations of low VOC finishes. These fine fibered rollers are available in 9" and 18" sizes. Padco Pro-Finish rollers apply a streak and lint-free finish every time.

Padco Pro-Finish roller covers are excellent for use on all hardwood, cement, tile, vinyl and terrazzo surfaces. Great for use with all finishes, stains, epoxies, paints, sealers and waxes.

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